Carlo Dupone, Developer

Carlo Dupone | Developer Private Client Group


Greenflash Realty Inc.

701 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 300

Located in San Diego, Carlo Dupone is a real estate developer with a passion for excellence. A graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, Carlo received his undergraduate degree in Economics. 

“I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit about me — that thing that wants to step outside of the lines every now and again,” Carlo says when asked about his story. As President of Dupone Capital LLC, Carlo Dupone has been active in the real estate acquisition, development and investing process since 2014. An entrepreneur at heart, Carlo has managed to grow Dupone Capital to handling up to 100-250 unit acquisitions at a single time. 


“What led me to real estate development was really – believe it or not – just the fact that I was interested in it. Once I branched out and started my magazine and began working entrepreneurially in marketing, the passion for passive income and my desire to learn about the process drove me there — and I haven’t looked back since.” Carlo adds, “One of my favorite parts is working with the architects in the different cities I do business in.”